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Guangzhou Kangling’s Medical Supply Donations to Foreign Embassies

时间:2020-12-6 12:13:31



    (中外新闻社 在中外新闻网记者 张珈闻)11月22日,中外新闻社携手全球可持续发展基金带领各国大使及参赞前往位于广州从化的广州康龄医疗用品有限公司参观考察,同时接受广州康龄医疗防疫物品捐赠。
    On November 22, Home and Abroad News Press and Global Sustainable Development Fund took the foreign diplomat delegation to visit Guangzhou Kangling Group in Conghua district, Guangzhou, and received medical and pandemic prevention supplies donations.
    Guangzhou Kangling Group has 16 production workshops, producing various types of masks and medical grade meltblown fabrics. Kangling is China's first full industrial chain production base of anti-epidemic protection materials, mainly producing disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks, advanced protective masks, KN95 protective masks, medical grade meltblown fabrics, etc. The supporting facilities include mask production workshops, melt blown fabric production workshops, packaging workshop, warehouse, storage, logistics, etc. as well as the modern intelligent laboratory.


    Kangling Group has obtained medical quality management system with the ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification, the ISO9001 quality system certification, American FDA-GMP certification, European Human Rights BSCI certification, American Human Rights SA8000 certification. Its products have been exported to the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Europe, South Korea and other countries, providing protection for people around the world during the pandemic.
    The foreign diplomats paid serious attentions to the Kangling’s R&D laboratory and the production workshops. They spoke highly of Kangling as a modern medical enterprise. They believed that during the anti-pandemic period, Kangling was in urgent need of all countries. They made great efforts to improve the production capacity and provide high-quality anti-COVID 19 products to all countries free of charge, which was a generous contribution of China to the global community.


    Mr. Kong Jianguo, the person in charge of Guangzhou Kangling Group, expressed that he was very grateful to the foreign diplomats for their trust in Kangling. Because of the different standards of epidemic prevention products in the world, all kinds of Kangling products have passed the international certifications including 11 international certifications in mask production. When facing global pandemic changes, we will increase investment in R&D and international layout, and work together with Guangdong Silk Textile Group to build a global supply chain ecosystem of health protection products, including setting up overseas warehouses, direct buying, rapid response to national anti-COVID needs and daily protection of medical institutions, and show the world the Chinese concept and spirit in international anti-COVID cooperation with practical actions, China will contribute to global public health protection.
    Mrs. Wei Yan, the Deputy Director of the UN International Cooperation and Collaboration Agency and the President of Home and Abroad News Press, delivered a speech at the donation ceremony. She said that Home and Abroad News Press is not only a mainstream media in China, but also a friendship bridge between China and many countries. With the current COVID 19 pandemic around the world, Home and Abroad News Press has joined hands with the Global Sustainable Development Fund and Guangzhou Kangling Group to donate pandemic prevention and control materials to embassies in China. Donating materials can ease short-term difficulties, but helping others to deal with difficulties can fundamentally improve the country’s anti-COVID ability with strong joint force.


    On the behalf of the delegation, the Slovak Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Dusan Bella expressed gratitude to Chinese enterprises for their generous donation of epidemic prevention materials. Ambassador Dusan Bella said that the visit to Guangzhou Kangling Group has deepened the understanding of China's anti-epidemic product manufacturers. Virus is a common challenge facing all mankind. We have to work together to overcome the COVID. China has provided help and support to all countries to fight the pandemic. We believe that through this cooperation, the traditional friendship between China and Slovakia will be strengthened.
    Slovak Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Dusan Bella, Uruguayan Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Fernando Lugris, Iceland Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson, Beninese Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Simon Pierre Adovelande and wife, Tanzanian Ambassador to China, H.E. Mr. Mbelwa Kairuki, Deputy Chief of Mission of Maltese Embassy, Mr. Jean Paul Gatt, Deputy Chief of Mission of Tunisian Embassy in China Mr. Mustapha Abid, Bangladesh Minister to China, Mr. Masudur Rahman and other representatives attended the donation ceremony with Guagnzhou Kangling Group. At the ceremony, each embassy agreed to receive the anti COVID materials with total values of RMB 220,000.


    During this trip to Guangdong, Home and Abroad News Press let foreign diplomats see a "real China" with a kind of peace of mind called "China’s Measures", a kind of demeanor called "China's Responsibility", an kind attitude called "China’s Spirits", and a kind of warmth called "China’s Support".
















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