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“见证友谊” 中外新闻社小记者2017寒假采访墨西哥驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生

“Witness Friendship” 2017 Winter Home & Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation interviewed the Consul-General of Mexico in Guangzhou,Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales

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核心提示:墨西哥--太阳城下仙人掌国度,闻名世界的玛雅文化、托尔特克文化和阿兹台克文化均为墨西哥印第安人创造。小记者对墨西哥国家不是很了解,但是谈到墨西哥电影,一些年龄大一点的记者就很喜欢。墨西哥是拉美地区最早开设孔子学院的国家, 汉语教学已被墨西哥教育部列入教学大纲,就凭这个,小记者就值得采访墨西哥外交官。...

       墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)和小记者们欢聚一堂:中巴友谊万岁

    墨西哥--太阳城下仙人掌国度,闻名世界的玛雅文化、托尔特克文化和阿兹台克文化均为墨西哥印第安人创造。小记者对墨西哥国家不是很了解,但是谈到墨西哥电影,一些年龄大一点的记者就很喜欢。墨西哥是拉美地区最早开设孔子学院的国家, 汉语教学已被墨西哥教育部列入教学大纲,就凭这个,小记者就值得采访墨西哥外交官。1月26日上午,中外新闻社小记者团前往墨西哥驻广州总领馆采访总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生。
    Mexico - the cactus kingdomunder the sun. The world famous Maya culture, Toltec culture and Aztec culture were created by the Mexican Indians. The junior journalists are not very familiar with Mexico, but most of older students really like Mexican movies. Mexico is the first country in Latin America to open a Confucius Institute; furthermore, Chinese language has been included in the Mexican Education Ministry’s education syllabus. On the morning of January 26th, Home & Abroad News PressJunior Journalist Delegation interviewed the Consul-General of Mexico in Guangzhou, Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales.

       墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)在总领馆会见中外新闻社总裁韦燕

    Consul General Carlos first welcomed the junior journalists. He said that my colleagues and I attached great importance to today’s interview with you. Consul General Carlos stressed that China and Mexico have a long history of mutual interactions. Since establishing the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Mexico, the two countries’ leaders exchanged visits frequently. China is Mexico's first trading partner in Asia, the second trading partner around the world. The twenty-first century belongs to China and also belongs to Mexico. Here, I am willing to answer the questions from Chinese junior journalists.

       中外新闻社总裁韦燕同墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)先生共同主持小记者采访活动

    “你好,卡洛斯总领事!首先祝你和家人新年快乐。广州市是中国首屈一指的国际化大都市。作为墨西哥驻广州的总领事,你觉得广州的文化有哪些特点? 在这座城市里,你喜欢什么样的生活?”小记者问。
    “Hello Consul-General Mr. Carlos, firstly we would like to wish you and your family Happy Chinese New Year. Guangzhou is one of the internationalized metropolitan cities in China. As the Consul-General of Mexico in Guangzhou, what are the special culture of Guangzhou in your opinions? In this city, what do you like the most?” we asked.

    “我刚到广州时觉得很震撼,广州市的城市建设美丽、和谐宜居、生态良好、富有活力,是一座现代化城市。这里的人民友善,我到商店购物,不懂汉语,商店的营业员或者路过的朋友就帮助我。墨西哥也和广州一样,喜欢家庭,我喜欢有家庭的生活。” 总领事谈到。
    “When I first arrived in Guangzhou, I was so shocked that the city of Guangzhou was a modern,beautiful, harmoniously livable, ecologically sound and vibrantcity. People here are very friendly. I don’t know Chinese, but I got a lot of help from strangers or store salespersons. Just like Mexico, Guangzhou makes me feel like home.” Consul General said.

       郑程小记者向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事提问

    “Hello Consul-General Mr. Carlos, we have learnt that Mexican ancient civilization, the mysterious Mayan prophecy and the bustling modern city have made this beautiful country as the first choice of tourism in South America. If we wanted to go to Mexico in the winter holiday, could you please be our “tour guide”? What are the special places or things we have to go or do in Mexico?”

    Consulate General Carlos introduced that Mayan culture is one of the world's important ancient cultures and an important component to the American classical culture. Maya culture is a jungle culture with high achievements in astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, art and many other areas. If you visit Mexico, you can explore the ancient culture, pyramids and such. The ocean is also the best around the world. I can be your tour guide when you go there.

       杨秉翰小记者向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事提问

    “卡洛斯总领事你好!墨西哥是拉美地区最早开设孔子学院的国家, 汉语教学已被墨西哥教育部列入教学大纲,在首都墨西哥城已有十多所中小学和幼儿园教授汉语。你认为:开设孔子学院对促进中墨两国友好关系的发展起着哪些重要作用?”
    “Hello Consul-General Mr. Carlos, Mexico is the first country to open the Confucius Institute in Latin America. Chinese language has been included in the curriculums of the Mexican Ministry of Education. More than 10 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens teach Chinese in the capital city, Mexico City. What do you think are the important roles of the Confucius Institute in promoting the development of friendly relations between China and Mexico?” 

    Consulate General Carlos answered: “Indeed, every country has its own language. the development of Confucius Institute in China not only plays the role of imparting language skills to other countries, but also promotes the friendly relations between the two countries, especially cultural exchanges and cooperation. This is a very important channel to connect the world together.”

       朱卓婷小记者向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事提问

    At the end of the interview, the junior journalists asked for the signature of Consul General Carlos and presented the New Year gifts to him. Consul General Carlos presented the “Outstanding Junior Journalist” certificate to the delegation members. The junior journalists were very happy and finally took a group photo in the Mexican Consulate General in Guangzhou as the official closure of this interview series.

       墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)和小记者们友好交流

       叶子向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事赠送新年礼物

       李思宇小记者向墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)赠送新年礼物

       墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)同郑程小记者握手致意

       墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)同李家宝小记者握手致意

       张东健小记者向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事赠送新年礼物

       墨西哥合众国驻广州总领事卡洛斯•希拉尔特先生(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)在总领事馆会见张雁棠小记者

       马晨熙向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事赠送自己创作的书画作品

       王韵乔向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事赠送新年礼物

       朱卓婷小记者向卡洛斯•希拉尔特(Mr. Carlos Ignacio Giralt Cabrales)总领事赠送自己创作的书法作品

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