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“Witness Friendship” 2023 Summer Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation to Foreign Embassies in China interviews with the Ambassador of Greece to China H.E Mr. Evgenios Kalpyris

时间:2023-8-24 12:32:35

核心提示:8月9日下午4点, “见证友谊”--中外新闻社小记者2023暑期访问希腊驻华大使馆。希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下曾担任希腊驻上海总领事, 是一个“中国通”, 他与小记者们一一握手后, 进入交流环节。...

  希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)向中外新闻社小记者团领队、中外新闻社总裁韦燕赠送《希腊神话全书》

    (中外新闻社小记者 冯湧昊 邓人和 盛奕铖 刘源锟) 8月9日下午4点, “见证友谊”--中外新闻社小记者2023暑期访问希腊驻华大使馆。希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下曾担任希腊驻上海总领事, 是一个“中国通”, 他与小记者们一一握手后, 进入交流环节。
    At 4:00 pm of August 9th, “Witness Friendship” 2023 Summer Home and Abroad News Press Junior Journalist Delegation came to the Embassy of Greece in China. The Greek Ambassador to China H.E Mr. Evgenios Kalpyris, who was the Consul General of Greece in Shanghai and knows about China very well. He welcomed the junior journalists by shaking hands one by one and started the interview session with them.

  希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)欢迎到访的中外新闻社小记者团领队、中外新闻社总裁韦燕

    首先, 我们每一位小记者向大使介绍了自己。大使说, 中希两国的文明在2000年前就有过交流, 我相信这必将为我们的合作提供足够大的空间。
    Firstly, each junior journalist introduced ourselves to the Ambassador. Then, he said that the civilizations of China and Greece had exchanges over 2,000 years ago, and I believe that this will provide great potentials for our bilateral cooperation.

    “您好大使阁下, 北京市成功举办了2008年的夏奥会以及2022年的冬奥会,是全世界唯一一个举办过夏冬两季奥运会的城市。奥运圣火在古代和现代奥运会的发祥地希腊点燃, 希腊--让全球人民感受到奥运的神圣, 请你给我们谈谈希腊的奥运情结。” 小记者问卡尔佩里斯大使。
    “Hello Ambassador, Beijing successfully hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the only city in the world to have hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics. The Olympic flame was lit in Greece, the birthplace of the ancient and modern Olympic Games. Greece made people around the world feel the holiness of the Olympics, please tell us more about the Olympic spirits from Greece.” A junior journalist asked the first question to Ambassador Kalpyris.


    “谢谢您的问题。”大使回答:“奥运会是世界上最盛大的体育盛事之一, 而其发源地正是在古希腊, 所以提起奥运会, 人们就想到希腊, 奥运会运动员都是从小孩子培养的。‘更快、更高、更强’彰显的是一种敢于挑战、不断超越、勇攀新高的竞技精神。”
    “Thank you for your question.” The Ambassador replied: “The Olympic Games is one of the biggest sports events in the world, and its birthplace is precisely in ancient Greece, so when mentioning the Olympic Games, people think of Greece, and Olympic athletes are all trained from their childhood. ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ emphasizes the athletic spirit of challenging, surpassing and climbing the new heights.”


    卡尔佩里斯大使有三个孩子, 由于工作关系, 三个孩子随父母的经常往返于中希两国之间。每次中国之行, 他们都带回有中国特色的礼物, 还经常跟同伴分享在中国的经历, 他们的中文水平十分优秀。大使阁下表示:青少年是未来的代名词, 是祖国文化底蕴和未来的具象化。青少年是拥有健康的体魄和开放的思想。他希望有朝一日中国和希腊的青少年们可以互相交流, 互相学习, 共同进步, 这是连接两国友谊桥梁的关键。
    Ambassador Kalpyris has three children, who travel frequently with their parents between China and Greece due to their diplomatic works. Every time they visited China, they brough back gifts with Chinese characteristics and often shared their experiences in China with their peers, and their Chinese language level is considerately native. Ambassador said: “Youth is the synonym of the future, the embodiment of our country's cultural heritage and future. Young people should have a healthy body and an open mind. He hoped that one day the youth of China and Greece will be able to communicate with each other, to learn from each other and to make progress together, which is the key to connecting the two countries as a bridge of friendship.


    大使阁下还表示:欢迎各位小记者到希腊旅游参观, 感受希腊的奇妙美好。旅游, 可以开放视野, 认识不同的人。只需要买一张机票带上最重要的行李:你的笑容就可以开启一场独一无二的旅游。希腊拥有享誉世界的神话故事, 在当地也有超过6000个岛屿的自然风光和可以与旧人赛跑的古奥林匹克体育场。希腊是西方文化的发祥地, 历史悠久, 许多的外语都有希腊语言的缩影, 所以大使先生告诉我们, 想要了解西方世界, 不妨先来希腊感受希腊的神话希腊的民俗, 学习希腊的语言吧。
    Ambassador Kalpyris also said that all young journalists are welcome to visit Greece and experience the wonders and beauty of the country. Traveling is a great way to open up your horizons and meet different people. All you need to do is to buy a plane ticket and bring the most important luggage: your smiles, and then you can start a unique tour. Greece has world-famous mythological stories, the natural beauty of more than 6,000 islands, and the ancient Olympic Stadium, where you can run with the ancient athletes through times. Greece is also known as the birthplace of Western culture with a long history. Many foreign languages are epitomized by the Greek language. Therefore, Mr. Ambassador told us that if we want to understand the Western culture, we might come to Greece to experience the Greek myths, Greek folklore, and learn some Greek language.

  希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)就奥运精神同小记者们深度交流

    采访中, 小记者强烈的感受到, 希腊, 被称作“西方文明的摇篮”, 这个被海洋温柔包裹的文明处处呈现着极致的典雅与浪漫。走进希腊大使馆, 时间像是被按下了暂停键, 仿佛感到恢弘磅礴的神殿遗址内奥林匹克的圣火似乎在熊熊燃烧, 荷马史诗中所记录瑰丽迷人的故事, 被爱琴海的风散落在城中的角角落落。
    During the interview, the junior journalists felt strongly that Greece, known as the "cradle of Western civilization", is gently embraced by the ocean with ultimate elegance and romance. Walking into the Greek Embassy, time seems to be pressed, and we felt the magnificent temple ruins of the Olympic flame seems to be burning, Homer's epic record of fascinating stories, and the Aegean Ocean’s wind scattered in the corners of the city.


    采访结束, 卡尔佩利斯大使阁下向中外新闻社小记者团团长、中外新闻社总裁韦燕赠送《希腊神话全书》, 此书大约出版在公元前12世纪到公元前8世纪之间。神的故事涉及宇宙和人类的起源、神的产生及其谱系等内容, 围绕宙斯和奥林匹斯十二主神及众多次神展开, 好奇心的小记者一起现场分享希腊神话故事。
    At the end of the interview, Ambassador Kalpyris presented the head of the junior journalist delegation Mrs. Wei Yan with a copy of "The Complete Book of Greek Mythology", which was published between the 12th century B.C. and the 8th century B.C. The book covers the origins of the universe and mankind, the creation of the gods and their genealogy. The stories were about Zeus and the twelve main gods of Olympus as well as many secondary gods, and the curious young journalists shared the Greek mythological stories together on the spot.


    最后小记者们也把自己准备的小礼物赠送给卡尔佩利斯大使和希腊外交官, 一时间, 希腊驻华使馆会议厅祝福声、欢笑声汇聚一堂, 合影时大家齐声欢呼:中希友谊万岁……
    Finally, the journalists presented their gifts to Ambassador Kalpyris and the Greek diplomats. At that moment, the meeting hall of the Greek embassy was filled with the sound of blessing and laughter. When taking a group photo, everyone shouted: Long live the friendship between Greece and China .......

  希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)回答小记者提问

  吕平川小记者同希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)握手致意

  邓人和小记者向尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)赠送文化礼品

  李伊丽小记者同卡尔佩利斯(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)大使玩“自拍”

  任政刚小记者向希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)赠送来自家乡的文化礼品

  希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)在“缘”书法上面签名留念

  张案腾小记者向希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)赠送书画作品


  希腊驻华大使卡尔佩利斯阁下(H.E Mr.Evgenios Kalpyris)及希腊外交官同小记者们汇聚一堂

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